Can you help me or my loved one with a legal problem or help me sue the police for misconduct?

The Peace and Justice Law Center generally accepts clients only through referrals from community organizations and gang intervention / street outreach workers. However, if you are subject to a gang injunction or if police have targeted you by putting you on a gang database, email us at info@pjlawcenter.org.

I am part of a community organization or a gang intervention/street outreach organization, how can the Peace and Justice Law Center support my work?

The Peace and Justice Law Center is committed to following the leadership of system-impacted people and those who are doing street-level peace work. If you need support for policy advocacy, legal support for your organization, or direct legal services for your clients, please email us at info@pjlawcenter.org.

Will the Peace and Justice Law Center lend your name to support our cause?

We are always interested in partnering with other organizations to improve safety and justice. Please email info@pjlawcenter.org with specific requests.

Is the Peace and Justice Law Center hiring?

We are not currently looking for new staff.