Community Lawyering for Public Safety and Human Rights

The Peace and Justice Law Center provides pro bono legal services and contributes to the development of public policies that make communities safer and advance the cause of equal protection under the law.

Opposing Counterproductive and Discriminatory "War on Gangs" Policing

Too often, law enforcement's gang suppression strategies lead to the worst possible outcomes - they violate people's rights and make the public less safe by increasing gang cohesion. Policing should not make it harder for gang involved individuals to transition out of the gang life.

Promoting and Partnering with Gang Intervention, Street Outreach, and Prison Re-Entry Service Providers

The best way to end neighborhood violence is to follow the leadership of the people who have emerged from the violence as peacemakers and healers. They must be provided with the tools they need to bring peace and safety to their communities.

Educating Communities and Professionals

Achieving peace and justice requires legal and policy professionals to work together with impacted community members. Goals and measures of success must come from those affected, while broad and sustainable change can only come with the input of people trained in how government works.


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